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Sus preferencias

Video Surveillance

Energy and Telecommunications

Video Surveillance in the Energy and Telecommunications Sectors

For over 25 years, we have been deploying our solutions in the most remote locations.

Efending it requires agile security systems capable of detecting intrusions and anomalies in real-time to minimise disruptions and protect people and facilities.

The challenges posed by these infrastructures vary with each scenario. In facilities covering vast expanses of land, perimeter protection within a centralised system is essential, while isolated towers require robust, high-performance and autonomous equipment.
Moreover, managing the entire security infrastructure presents its own set of challenges:

Los desafíos que presentan estas infraestructuras varían con cada escenario. En plantas que ocupan bastas extensiones de terreno, es necesaria una protección perimetral dentro de un sistema centralizado, mientras que en las torres aisladas se necesitan equipos robustos de altas prestaciones y autónomos.


Integration of CCTV with access controls, alarms and other platforms.


Management of camera recordings and streamlining maintenance processes.


Securing environments that are difficult to access and experience extreme temperatures.


Achieving maximum efficiency in environments without connectivity or with interrupted signals.


Prevention of cyberattacks and mitigation of potential damages if they occur.

What We Do

We Secure Energy Plants and Telecommunication Towers

We protect strategic power plants and telecommunication towers in remote locations.
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Sector energía
01. Isolated Towers

Reliable and durable recording systems are necessary, with low power consumption and the ability to withstand extreme conditions.
In addition, they should require minimal maintenance and come equipped with their own 4G router.

02. Simple Surveillance Posts

Devices for surveillance booths, featuring a simple infrastructure capable of managing a small number of video recorders.

03. Perimeter Protection

Intrusion detection to automatically alert to the presence of people and vehicles in configured areas.
Rules may include line crossing, loitering, multiple presence and object abandonment.

04. Video Recorders

High-performance industrial technology capable of handling hundreds of video streams with various redundancy options.

05. Alarm Centre

Intuitive videowall controller with optimised software.
Video management software is also needed for viewing and downloading footage, intercom functionality, automatic monitoring of connected devices and alerts for faults or anomalies.

We Protect Energy Centres

Video Surveillance Platform Deployed Across Tens of Thousands of Devices in the Energy Sector

Hardware manufactured in Europe and assembled by us in Spain.
Software and firmware developed and encrypted in our R&D+i centre.

Certificados de calidad

Interoperable Technology
We use the ONVIF protocol to streamline integration with CRA, access controls, alarms, etc.

VMS with Assistant
For efficient video management and automated maintenance of all equipment.

Robust NVR Recorders
Devices engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and operate with cold technology for enhanced durability.

4G Router Technology
Minimal power consumption and bandwidth usage. In addition, the recorders come with a 4G router.

Cybersecurity by Design
We consistently surpass the most stringent security controls in the sector.

Technology Deployment for Energy and Telecommunications

Comprehensive Video Surveillance Solution

HM Video Recorders

We offer limitless options, including pure IP or hybrid, with or without PoE switches, available in wall-mounted formats with customisable disk and power supply configurations.

LAVA Intelligent Analytics

Derived from the acronym Lanaccess Advanced Video Analytics, LAVA provides advanced analytics based on neural networks for any video surveillance system.

VMS Lanaccess Suite

Intuitive video management interface and integration with other connected devices. Includes automatic monitoring of CCTV park status. Available in a web environment.

Smart touch panel

Smart Touch Panel

A touch-enabled device enabling receptionists to efficiently manage entries.

Smart counter

Smart Monitor

A straightforward surveillance station ideal for situations where high-performance devices are unnecessary.

Controladora videowall

Videowall Controller

High-performance multimedia controllers.

IP Video Cameras

A wide selection to meet all video surveillance needs in banking.


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