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Lanaccess Commitment


Lanaccess Technology

Secure by Design

At Lanaccess, we prioritise cybersecurity with a dedicated team of multidisciplinary professionals. Their goal is to enhance the resilience of our technology without compromising user experience or productivity.

We address three key aspects of cybersecurity with a holistic approach spanning various fronts:

Periodic Audits

Lanaccess solutions undergo both internal and external audits, including penetration testing and vulnerability analysis.

Secure Protocols

Examples include HTTPS, FTPS, SSH and proprietary encrypted protocols, all reinforced with additional authentication layers for executing specific commands.

Authentication Systems

Our communication protocols employ diverse authentication mechanisms to ensure data access is restricted to authorised users only.

Granular Permission System

Our software and firmware feature granular permission settings, allowing for precise control and adherence to the principle of least privilege.

Encrypted Code

Software and firmware encryption adds an extra layer of security, guaranteeing the authenticity of executed programmes within the recorder.

Firewall Features

Our equipment is inherently cyber-secure and equipped with built-in firewall capabilities, triggering alerts upon detecting unauthorised usage.

Encrypted Clips

Video clips are encrypted using Lanaccess proprietary tools, ensuring they remain unreadable even in the event of unauthorised access.

On-Premise Recording

All video recordings are stored on the client’s hardware within their corporate network.

Different Operating System than Windows

Our equipment utilises operating systems immune to attacks targeting Microsoft-owned platforms.